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Published on Feb 26, 2014

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Breaking Good


I’m tired.

Sometimes, you can write and write and write for hours every day, stacking up thousands of words. But, eventually those hours of writing are going to catch up with you. I have been here many times before and felt guilty for slowing down my writing pace a bit. But, I have also found that slowing down and even not writing for a day or so, can help your be a better writer. Here are a few reasons to take a good break:

1. You need exercise. That’s right folks. The human body (and the brain attached to it) need blood flow, oxygen, and sunshine. I have found that many of my best ideas come to me while I’m walking or running. Get up, get out, and return to write better.

2. Absence makes…You know the rest. It’s as true for your love of writing as it is for people you miss when you’re apart. After a day or two away from your book, you’ll return to write with renewed vigor and desire.

3. Avoid burnout. Related to the first to points is the fact that there is a such thing as too much of a good thing. If you push yourself too hard at something, it will eventually become a stressor. This kind of stress robs you of your joy in what you do and will eventually burn you out. We all have to lay it down for a while and let the fresh air inspire us again.

Take a break and write fresh!

Soulbook: 50 Percent of Royalties go to Orphans @Enwrightened


All Souls are made in God’s image. Children are no exception. 50% of all royalties from Soulbook will go to Childhaven and Mt. Dora Children’s Home. Make a difference in a Soul’s life today!
Mount Dora:
Enwrightened Publications:

Mt. Dora Children’s Home

As Deacon over the orphan’s ministry at Dalraida church of Christ, I am always excited when there is an opportunity to let people know about how they can help children, especially the fatherless and orphans. On March 15th in Montgomery, Alabama, there will be a benefit dinner to help the Mt. Dora Children’s Home in Mt. Dora, Florida. I only request your prayers, but if you ever want to donate, you can visit their site and give to help children without families have a chance to grow spiritually and succeed in life. Thanks for listening.

Book Trailer: Soulbook @Enwrightened


As followers of Christ, shouldn’t we be trying to get past the Face and reach to the Soul? Do we even understand what the Soul is? Where is it? How did it get here? Where is it going? What do I do with it?
Soulbook is all about trying to get to the bottom of these questions and reach down past the Face into a realm we as humans rarely perceive and almost never understand. If you are tired of simply seeing the Face of people and not reaching the Soul, then this book is for you.

Soulbook: Where does the Soul originate? @Enwrightened


This is the fifth excerpt from Soulbook. Look for more each Saturday! Soulbook will be published by Enwrightened Publications in 2014! Stay tuned for more details.

Where does the Soul originate?

            So, where did you come from? You may have heard comments like, “We are products of our environment.” Or “You are your mother/father made over.” But, is this where we get who we are? Are we just inheriting out attributes from our parents or our upbringing? Are we only as good as our experiences? Or is there something more fundamentally amazing to who we are? One of the first Biblical mentions as to our origination is found in Genesis 2: 7 “then the LORD God formed the man of dust from the ground and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life, and the man became a living creature.” The words “living creature” in this passage are from the Hebrew “nephesh chayyah” which is literally translated as “soul breathers”. So God gave us a Soul. He imbued us with something special and life-giving. Therein lies a profound mystery that we will explore more deeply in Chapter 4.

            So, what does your Soul look like? True, we cannot see Souls here in this life. We live in a physical realm that only allows us to sense with our physical senses. But, what would we see through spiritual lenses? Genesis 1:26-27 gives us a clue: “Then God said, ‘Let us make man in our image, after our likeness. And let them have dominion over the fish of the sea and over the birds of the heavens and over the livestock and over all the earth and over every creeping thing that creeps on the earth.’ So God created man in his own image, in the image of God he created him; male and female he created them.” Indeed, we are created in God’s own image, but what does that mean? Another great mystery awaits telling and while we may never see the answer in this life, the Bible gives some extremely important and compelling clues as to the meaning of being image-bearers of God. We’ll talk more about this is Chapters 4, 11, and 12.

            Our Souls are immortal, so they necessarily require an immortal, eternal, and most importantly, infinite source. God is that source and He gives us that eternal nature as a result. “God is spirit…” as highlighted in John 4:24 lends solidity to the understanding of spirit being born from spirit, soul from soul. Our Soul originates with someone who can make a Soul, and that person is God. Most importantly, as God is a Soul/Spirit, we are also Souls and not bodies. You, yourself are an everlasting being with infinite value.