soulbook big cover 

Over the last several months, I’ve been very blessed to teach about the Soul. The subject, as you can imagine, is one of difficulty and depth. But, what I have discovered from the study is that people want to know who they are and what their purpose is.

Something I see universally is the breakdown of human value in the collective consciousness of society. This is one of the biggest upheavals and mistakes I have ever seen. If we as the human race continue to devalue human life, where will that land us?

What has happened is an upside down view of humanity. Some organizations and people place a higher value on “rights” than life. Some even place the “rights” of animals above the lives of human beings. Why? Because they have lost the understanding that human beings are special and occupy a privileged place in the universe. We are not merely specks on a dirtball. We are Souls with infinite meaning and value. If people don’t start recognizing this fact, we’re in for more dehumanizing than we have ever seen.


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