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The books listed below are titles written by Josh Sipper. Cross the bridge between the world you know and the next.

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Jesus Works

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There’s a new book at Sipper Books! It’s titled Jesus Works and is and important look at work as it is defined by Jesus and how we can use our work for His service and glory today.

Christians often feel guilty about their work. They wonder if they’re working hard enough or too hard. Some feel that they should leave their career to go into ministry or missions when this might not be the best course of action. Jesus Works deals with these feelings and Jesus’ own view and sanctification of work for His servants.

Work, in American society especially, can be dehumanizing and discouraging. With the current economic, social, and religious upheavals people across all sectors of work experience, Jesus Works offers those who are disenfranchised and overwhelmed within their professions advice and strategies to deal with their negative feelings and experiences.

After completing Jesus Works, readers will:

  • Understand Jesus’ view of work in His own life and creation
  • Be able to deal with guilt and misunderstandings about Christian work
  • See their role in the Kingdom of Heaven and ho their work matters

Jesus Works:

  • Examines Jesus’ work in all levels of society: blue collar, white collar, and high level
  • Explores how Jesus shares His power with us in His Kingdom at every level
  • Identifies the core human needs within and from work and suggests strategies to fulfill those needs

This is a really exciting time! Hopefully, this work will help people to find goodness and service in their work and service for Jesus.


The Tower Quail

Releasing April 24, 2014 from Black Rose Writing!

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What would you do if you could see the future?  Would you use this power for good?  Could you handle the responsibility or would the strain break you? Tabitha Fowler, a teenager growing up in rural Alabama, has to face up to these questions after she is transported through time and space in a “time bounce”.  Tabitha discovers that her brother, Jeff, is leaving home to join the military and runs away from home and finds herself at the foot of an abandoned tower.  The huge, metal structure, called the Tower Quail by locals, contains a power which Tabitha’s special physical characteristics unlock.

Tabitha swoons at the base of the tower and awakes at the top with no knowledge of how she got there.  When she awakes, the tower is roused from its sleep and creates a field of energy which shrouds Tabitha and sends her hurtling toward the ground, bounces her through time and space, and reveals elements of her past and future that haunt her thereafter.  Tabitha awakes the next day and makes her way home. Her parents, shocked and relieved at her return, tell her that she has been gone for over a month.  She soon discovers her new, prophetic abilities and is plagued by them to the point of madness. Tabitha struggles with good and evil and her own life as she works out why she was given such a gift and curse. In the end, will she discover the purpose of her torment?

soulbook big cover


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Jesus has a way of getting past the Face that we as humans often miss. Most of the time, we don’t look past what we see, hear, touch, smell, or taste. We just accept that our senses will reveal to us what we need to know in order to live. But, is that the truth? As followers of Christ, shouldn’t we be trying to get past the Face and reach to the Soul? Do we even understand what the Soul is? Where is it? How did it get here? Where is it going? What do I do with it?

Soulbook is all about trying to get to the bottom of these questions and reach down past the Face into a realm we as humans rarely perceive and almost never understand. If you are tired of simply seeing the Face of people and not reaching the Soul, then this book is for you. As members of the human race, it’s extremely important for us to not simply communicate with each other, but to commune with each other. While communication media might make the promise of online communes, it never quite delivers. But, why is that? Probably because we as users and consumers of these forums don’t get past the Face and down to the real person. Nor do we allow anyone else to get past our own faces and down into who we really are. In Soulbook, we will look at who you and every other person really are and discover some mysteries about how we as a human group can live abundant lives through God’s Soulbook!


Durant Trilogy: Following Durant

Sam is a young man who lives on a snagboat with his father after the tragic passing of his mother and sister. One night during a storm, the snagboat, used in early 1900s salvage operations on the Alabama River, is damaged and the entire crew dies, including Sam’s father. Sam is left alone in the wild. Before his untimely death, Sam’s father tells him that if anything should ever separate them, Sam can find him at the end of the river. Suddenly bereft of his entire family, Sam runs into the wilderness, chased by beasts to a shack where he meets Durant, a lonely black man who knew Sam’s father. Together, they embark on a journey to the end of the river, encountering numerous strange and terrible adventures along the way. But, what really awaits them at the end?

Runaway Swimmer cover

Runaway Swimmer

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John Skipper is thrown into the world of the mountain-dwelling Cherokee after his family is murdered. During his stay in the care of the Cherokee people, he meets Tsalahi Hinote. John subsequently takes his revenge on his family’s murderer and departs, taking Tsalahi with him. John’s impetuous actions catch up with him years later when his youngest son, George Washington Skipper, is abducted by a Cherokee woman. George’s older brother Samuel blames himself. George, who has been renamed Runaway Swimmer, grows up to become the protégé to a Cherokee leader. Samuel is a farmer and has a son named after the brother he still mourns. When his son is called into service, Samuel volunteers in an attempt to protect him. Meanwhile, Runaway, is sent to Mobile, Alabama to train soldiers who, in his estimation, are all too old or too young to fight. The brothers look for a future that may never be, and remember a past that could have been.

Dissertation: FREE Download



Academics! Feel free to download and use my dissertation for research and statistical tools. I hope it helps you in your research and education.

Information Assurance (IA) is a relatively new field in the Information Technology (IT) construct. Strategies for establishing standards, training, and evaluations for IA are still developing and growing across the IT field. As new threats and vulnerabilities are identified in IA, new information, policies, and procedures must be established and maintained. Organizational efficiency is one of the areas in IA that is understood and implemented the least within government and commercial organizations. E-Learning tools and concepts offer a conduit for effective collaboration between IA professionals for the purpose of establishing increased organizational efficiency through information sharing and baselining for standardization, training, and evaluation synergy. The purpose of this study was to ascertain IT/IA professionals’ attitudes concerning eLearning tools and their effect on organizational efficiency. The Research Questions (RQ) relate directly to this purpose: RQ 1: What are the prevailing attitudes of IT/IA professionals concerning eLearning tool usage? RQ 2: What is the prevailing attitude toward organizational efficiency of IT/IA professionals concerning eLearning tool usage? Findings revealed evidence that IT/IA professionals who show increased use of eLearning tools tend to have an elevated attitude toward eLearning tools for IT/IA and organizational efficiency. Hierarchical regression analysis revealed that age, gender, work area, and experience level play no significant role in attitudes toward eLearning tool use for IT/IA and organizational efficiency. The findings also indicated there was an overall positive attitude toward eLearning tool use in IT/IA and for organizational efficiency, revealing a possible area of growth for such technologies within the IT/IA sphere. Additionally, the research revealed applications of the study for use of additional eLearning tools in the IT/IA sphere as well as implications for future research for additional eLearning tool use.


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