Breaking Good


I’m tired.

Sometimes, you can write and write and write for hours every day, stacking up thousands of words. But, eventually those hours of writing are going to catch up with you. I have been here many times before and felt guilty for slowing down my writing pace a bit. But, I have also found that slowing down and even not writing for a day or so, can help your be a better writer. Here are a few reasons to take a good break:

1. You need exercise. That’s right folks. The human body (and the brain attached to it) need blood flow, oxygen, and sunshine. I have found that many of my best ideas come to me while I’m walking or running. Get up, get out, and return to write better.

2. Absence makes…You know the rest. It’s as true for your love of writing as it is for people you miss when you’re apart. After a day or two away from your book, you’ll return to write with renewed vigor and desire.

3. Avoid burnout. Related to the first to points is the fact that there is a such thing as too much of a good thing. If you push yourself too hard at something, it will eventually become a stressor. This kind of stress robs you of your joy in what you do and will eventually burn you out. We all have to lay it down for a while and let the fresh air inspire us again.

Take a break and write fresh!


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