Jesus Works Chapter One Jesus – A Man of Many Talents: White Collar Jesus

Jesus Works Chapter One Jesus – A Man of Many Talents: White Collar Jesus

Jesus the Public Relations Rep


We now shift into the realm that most people today would identify as “white collar” work. Jesus knew how to bridge the gap between those who were considered the working class and those who were in the upper echelons of society at the time. Today, He still knows how to do this. Interestingly, there wasn’t really a middle-class during the early first-century. Basically, there were those who lived on most of the wealth and then those who were the poor, scraping along through life. Of course, there were exceptions like tax collectors (Matthew), but even these exceptions would have been considered so far above the poor in social and monetary status as to be considered wealthy. However, Jesus was in the mix with all of these segments of society and was able to understand and communicate with all of them, effectively demolishing the boundaries that separated them. This comes to fruition in the early church and later as Paul writes about the equality of humanity (no slave or free, male or female, etc.) Jesus was and is the penultimate PR guy. We’ll look at just how great he is at understanding and dealing with humanity on all these levels in a later chapter.

Jesus the Teller, Teacher, and Trainer


There are three main ways to get information across to other people. You can tell them something. Telling is basically just giving someone information. I tell you that Jesus is God’s Son. Now you have the information. The end. Teaching goes farther. When you teach someone, you give them the information and then tell them what it means. I tell you Jesus is God’s Son and that He died to save you from your sins and that means that if you become a Christian, you can be with Him forever. But, the ultimate way to get information to someone is through training. When you train someone, you’re making a disciple. I can tell you that Jesus is God’s Son and that you can have eternal life in Him, thereby teaching you about what it means, but you won’t really get it if I don’t live it. Jesus was what you would call today a Full Professor of teaching about how to live in Him. He combined telling, teaching, and training into a perfect synchrony of how to have life and have it more abundantly. In our study on Jesus the Professor of life, we’ll get a clearer view of how He Professed life and how those who tell, teach, and train today can produce life and power in their own work.


Sipper Books is now an R 16:16 Member!


I recently discovered a great blog site for Christian bloggers like me! It’s called R 16:16 and basically centers about the idea of Christian publishing and writing. I hope you’ll check it out!

Soulbook on! @Enwrightened

Hi all! I just wanted to let everyone know that Soulbook has been officially released and is now available on!

I hope you will be changed as much in reading this as I was in writing it. Please write a review on Amazon after you’ve read. Thanks for reading!

As followers of Christ, shouldn’t we be trying to get past the Face and reach to the Soul? Do we even understand what the Soul is? Where is it? How did it get here? Where is it going? What do I do with it? Soulbook is all about trying to get to the bottom of these questions and reach down past the Face into a realm we as humans rarely perceive and almost never understand. If you are tired of simply seeing the Face of people and not reaching the Soul, then this book is for you.

Book Review: 52 Days by Ben Wright @Enwrightened @b_wright2003


52 Days by Ben Wright

Published by Enwrightened Publications

52 Days calls us to imagine a world in which we have to rebuild our cities, civilization, and lives. As he takes us through the book of Nehemiah, author Ben Wright makes astute observations and comparisons between the Jew’s success in rebuilding Jerusalem after their return from Babylonian captivity and the importance of rebuilding our own spiritual walls today. The first chapter deals with the walls themselves and shows how Christians must work to guard themselves spiritually in todays’ increasingly secular society. Chapter two encourages us to take note of our own spiritual history and find ways to overcome doubts and find ways to move forward. The next chapter explores the tools we need to rebuild our spiritual abode. Chapter four starts with a remembrance of September eleventh and the jolt America took when the World Trade Center was destroyed. He goes on to compare the clean-up and rebuilding efforts to Nehemiah and our own spiritual rebuilding. The fifth chapter deals with how we as a body can work together to rebuild. Teamwork was key to the rebuilding of Jerusalem and it is just as important of rebuilding our own spiritual cities. Construction is a chapter that shows us the ups and downs of actually building something. During the construction phase, the Jews experienced great upheaval and resistance. But, with God’s help and perseverance, they completed the task in just 52 days. The final chapter shows how Nehemiah and his people claimed victory over many trials and how we can do the same today.

Mr. Wright sums up the book well in his last sentence: “If we want to change the world, let’s start with ourselves.” In this statement, truth comes through and a challenge is made. Throughout the book, the author makes similar challenges. The book is well-written and easy to understand from start to finish. Mr. Wright’s style and clarity make this an excellent book for the preacher and Bible student alike making 52 Days an excellent addition to anyone’s library.

Writing Between Worlds


What does it mean? I’m sure there are plenty of people out there who have an idea of what I mean by my tag line, but I am compelled to give some explanation.

I’m a person who believes in an afterlife. I don’t merely hope there’s one, I know there is and live that way as a result. Death does not frighten me and this world we live in now doesn’t hold all for me. As many others feel, the issues we face here and now are petty; politics, sports, entertainment and the like. So much of it really doesn’t matter. Unfortunately, many people center their existence on these meaningless pursuits to the detriment of their souls.

There’s another world that has infinite worth and goodness. This place is perfect and means more than we could ever grasp here. It’s a place caught only in short glances through ancient accounts and the faith of those who know it exists. But, so much of it is unknown as to be so mysterious it can’t be grasped.

So, my decision in writing is to look between these two realms, to a place that exists in the souls of people, where they will reside intermediately during their passage from this world to the next. In this place, anything is possible and deep questions may be asked and answered. Time doesn’t exist and neither does space. Only the imagination of the spirit and soul reside in this place. It’s a sphere of infinite possibility and wonder. I hope you can meet me there, someday…