Jesus Works Chapter One Jesus – A Man of Many Talents: Jesus the Man


Jesus Works

Chapter One

Jesus – A Man of Many Talents

Jesus the Man

When Jesus walked the Earth, he managed to know and see and do many things. In fact, he seemed to understand the full range of not only society, but the occupations of basically every person at every level of society. Among the numerous jobs Jesus talked about and performed were teacher, leader, fisherman, public relations, and, of course, carpenter. Jesus wasn’t just talented at all of these things, but a complete genius in every field! This has led many scholars, both secular and religious, to claim that Jesus probably had the highest IQ of any human who ever lived!  Jesus is and was truly The Master. We also must be mindful of our own vocations as we seek to work for Jesus in every area of our lives. David Hagenbuch, in his paper concerning Christian vocation, states “Vocation derives from the Latin verb vocare, to call, and from a biblical perspective, that caller is God. It is important to note that this calling applies to every area of one’s life, as there is no distinction between sacred and secular. An individual’s vocation may include, for instance, his or her role as parent, spouse, sibling, deacon, scout leader, softball player, and member. As such, a vocation is a unique, individualized calling, often not discovered easily, that requires specific talents, offers true enjoyment, and accomplishes something of value” (2008, p. 86).   In this introductory chapter of our study, let’s look at the various areas of Jesus’ work in and among humans and how we can learn more from Him within the framework of His infinite talent, knowledge, and wisdom.

Jesus the Man

The first thing we have to understand is Jesus as a physical person. Jesus was human. We all realize this, but what does that mean? There are several areas we could discuss that would help us define Jesus’ humanity, but the easiest way to see who he was as a man is to look in the mirror. Jesus was susceptible to all of the same things we are. He got sleepy and grumpy and even sneezy! Sickness and pain and frustration were as much a way of life for Jesus as it is for you and me. We’ll see more about all of these things in the next chapter. Jesus also had interests, knowledge, skills, and abilities. He was interested in people, places, and things. Jesus went through stages of intellectual, physical, emotional, and spiritual development. He grew and changed and became an adult. Of course, He is God as well, but we can’t let this take away from the important fact of His humanness. Overall, Jesus wasn’t just a man, but The Man; the pattern after which we all follow.

Hagenbuch, D. (2008). Marketing as a Christian Vocation: Called to Reconciliation, Christian Scholar’s Review. Christian Scholar’s Review, 1:38, pp. 83-96.


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