Why Judges?: What can we take from the Judges as we live as Christians today?


This year, I was allowed to present a lesson before the Dalraida church of Christ concerning the Judges: Why Judges?. The lesson was written and presented specifically for Vacation Bible School: Heroes of the Faith. The final area covered in the lesson was What can we take from the Judges as we live as Christians today?

Why Judges?: What can we take from the Judges as we live as Christians today?

People are imperfect. When I was a kid in Bible class, it always seemed that the Bible teacher glossed over the fact that basically every person we learned about was severely broken. Samson was arrogant, spoiled, selfish, and immoral. Jepthah was irresponsible and impetuous. Eli was a bad father. All of the Judges had major issues they had to deal with. We are no different today. Rom 3:23 “for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God” We all have sin and problems and disappointments. We all make terrible mistakes.

God can still use us. Even though all the Judges had weak points, sometimes to the extent of being completely worthless, God used them to bring about His perfect will. He saw in each person a hero; someone who could overcome their imperfection and serve Him. This is the story of Israel and of humanity altogether. God takes the broken and small and lifts them up and makes them His servants. Gideon began his service as a faithless coward, threshing meager rations of wheat in a winepress. Deborah, who would have been regarded as nothing since she was female, led Israel in overwhelming military victories. Samson, even though he forsook God and took the many talents and gifts God had given him for granted, returned to God in the end and made a sacrifice that brought about a victory over the Philistines. Now God uses us to do His will. I am a sinful, small, weak human being, disadvantaged by my inability to live a perfect life. But, through Jesus’ blood I am made complete and so are you. God can, therefore, use us to complete His will here in this life and bring about His glory and goodness. We can never let ourselves believe that we can’t do something just because we’re lacking in some way. Each of the Judges we discussed tonight was lacking in some way, but they were mighty instruments in the hands of a perfect God and you can be as well.

We don’t do miracles and fight huge battles on the field against physical enemies today, but we are called as in Eph 6:12 to fight against something far more dangerous. “For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the cosmic powers over this present darkness, against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly places.” God can and will use you to fight and win against evil today. I hope you will join together with Jesus in this battle as he, our Prophet, Priest, and King leads and Judges us in our present fight.


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