Soulbook: The Whole Christian Soul and the Incomplete – In the Beginning @Enwrightened

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This is the twenty-ninth excerpt from Soulbook. Order Soulbook from Enwrightened Publications or Amazon.

Soulbook: The Whole Christian Soul and the Incomplete – In the Beginning

You are a soul who is overwhelmingly blessed to have a relationship with a God Who provides ultimate completion of you as a person, if you only take advantage of His blessings through Christ. If you are a Christian, you have reunited yourself with a power and strength unknown to humans since almost the beginning of the world. If you are not a Christian, you lack more than you know. But, you have the opportunity to be a complete person at this moment and every moment in Jesus through His death, burial, and resurrection. There are several things that separate Christians from non-Christians. In the beginning, there was a separation between God and humans and that separation still exists for non-Christians today. The patriarchs were separated from God and so were those under the law of Moses. But, there is a completeness or perfection that Christians have through Christ. In this chapter, we will see how your soul is made complete in Jesus and how Christians are not only complete, but are restored to God’s original purpose in His Creation.
In the Beginning

What was the relationship between God and humans like after He created the Earth? God had a very special relationship to and with His creation, especially with Adam and Eve, who were created in His image. But, how did this relationship end up? Ultimately, it ended in a sad sin that brought death to us all. Since this division took place, we as humans have since needed restoration. This is the key to understanding the reconciliatory power of Jesus blood.

Early in the history of mankind, we see a God who loves His creation so much that His perception of it reflects perfection, much as He is.
Also, humans were a manifestation and representation of this perfection in that God made them in His own perfect form as people containing three parts: soul, spirit, and body. Through this act of creation and the act of giving people a choice to love Him or not, God showed His perfect love. God made people in His own image. And said they were “very good” v. 31. This shows that there was a perfection or completeness that existed in the beginning. This perfection was a true picture of what God originally wanted for us. Unfortunately, it didn’t last long.

One of the most recognizable ways in which God showed His perfect relationship with human beings was in the way He communicated with them. In the garden, God could commune with Adam and Eve in a way that was never fully grasped after their fall. God spoke directly with people, (Genesis 2:18), indicating that man could approach God and have communion with Him. The act of speaking directly to the Creator of the universe and of man, was only possible when mankind was still in its original, perfected state. That existence allowed a closeness with God that literally placed humans in direct contact with God, such that God dwelt here with people.

One of the reasons God could dwell here is that people were sinless. As clean, perfect people, God could look on us without having to recoil due to sin. Man was sinless and had no reason for shame, (Genesis 2:25). God had no reason at this point to be separated from Adam and Eve. They were in His presence on Earth in the same manner that angels could be present before Him in Heaven. God evidently walked among Adam and Eve in the garden habitually, (Genesis 3:8-10). There was a closeness to God. They had contact with Him. This contact allowed them to learn from Him and draw life from Him that allowed them to live eternally in His presence. The sustaining power of God was all they needed.
All in all, the life before sin was perfect. But, after sin, humans lost part of themselves. They lost the walk they had with the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, (Elohim – the plurality of God). Can you imagine the horror of the loss of God? Is there any way for us today to truly know what it was like to be in the presence of the Father, Son, and Spirit, and then to have that beautiful, perfect relationship taken away for the rest of our lives? Probably the only thing close to such a loss would be the death of a spouse, child, or parent. However, this loss was of their Creator. For all intents and purposes, Adam and Eve were left alone to fend for themselves in the world. Of course, it was not Adam and Eve who suffered the most from this situation. God was the One Who had been wronged and He has been the One Who has worked for millennia to bring that relationship back.


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