Dissertation: FREE Download

Dissertation: FREE Download



Academics! Feel free to download and use my dissertation for research and statistical tools. I hope it helps you in your research and education. Select the link above to download or visit my Sipper Books page.


Information Assurance (IA) is a relatively new field in the Information Technology (IT) construct. Strategies for establishing standards, training, and evaluations for IA are still developing and growing across the IT field. As new threats and vulnerabilities are identified in IA, new information, policies, and procedures must be established and maintained. Organizational efficiency is one of the areas in IA that is understood and implemented the least within government and commercial organizations. E-Learning tools and concepts offer a conduit for effective collaboration between IA professionals for the purpose of establishing increased organizational efficiency through information sharing and baselining for standardization, training, and evaluation synergy. The purpose of this study was to ascertain IT/IA professionals’ attitudes concerning eLearning tools and their effect on organizational efficiency. The Research Questions (RQ) relate directly to this purpose: RQ 1: What are the prevailing attitudes of IT/IA professionals concerning eLearning tool usage? RQ 2: What is the prevailing attitude toward organizational efficiency of IT/IA professionals concerning eLearning tool usage? Findings revealed evidence that IT/IA professionals who show increased use of eLearning tools tend to have an elevated attitude toward eLearning tools for IT/IA and organizational efficiency. Hierarchical regression analysis revealed that age, gender, work area, and experience level play no significant role in attitudes toward eLearning tool use for IT/IA and organizational efficiency. The findings also indicated there was an overall positive attitude toward eLearning tool use in IT/IA and for organizational efficiency, revealing a possible area of growth for such technologies within the IT/IA sphere. Additionally, the research revealed applications of the study for use of additional eLearning tools in the IT/IA sphere as well as implications for future research for additional eLearning tool use.


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