Soulbook: The Whole Christian and the Incomplete @Enwrightened


This is the eleventh excerpt from Soulbook. Order Soulbook from Enwrightened Publications or Amazon.

The Whole Christian and the Incomplete Person

Are Christians different than other people? Do they have anything in their physical make-up that distinguishes them from anyone else? Anyone who knows anything about human physiology would tell you that there’s no physically discernible difference between a follower of Christ and any other person. But, what about the parts of a Christian you can’t see? Is there a difference there? Are Christians spiritually unique from the rest of mankind? This is a much harder question to answer and is one that requires some deep, Biblical introspection.
The first question you might ask is, “Do Christians possess more ‘parts’ than non-Christians?” We’ve already briefly discussed the different parts of a person and what these parts mean and relate. These parts will be discussed more in-depth in Chapter 10. But, is there more? Have we missed something about Christians that makes a significant difference in their construction? What does the inside of a Christian look like and how is it put together? The Bible actually gives some interesting answers to these mysteries that can help us to see exactly what a privilege it is to be in Christ.

The relationship a Christian has with God is at the crux of this matter. The disease of sin places a barrier between humanity and God. There is no way that people can scale, dig under, or go around this obstacle. So, how does that affect our completeness? Is our life and are our Soul truly complete in this condition? Jesus plays a huge part in answering this question, as He is the head-crusher of Satan and the stairway on which Angels ascend and descend. The Father’s role is much the same, but is slightly different, in that He provides the Way and the Heel. Spirit brings it all together in a way we can comprehend this awesome Power and Love. In Chapter 12, we’ll see how they all work together to make us whole.


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