Agents Are People, Too


This might sound ridiculous, but it finally occurred to me today that agents and publishers are not much different from anyone else. Silly, I know. But, really, these folks are trying to live and love and do good work, just as much as anyone else. They are not the writer’s roadblock, but a help when you need it and a barometer for the market.

As frustrating as it can be to constantly butt up against the reality that there are only a handful of agents who will deem your work even worth a look, it is necessary to understand that they are not trying to be mean or cruel when they pass on your idea. They just have to look at any work from the beginning question: Will it sell?

The latest project I have pitched to agents is some heavy, allegorical fiction. Would it sell if it were marketed properly and presented as an important, not just entertaining, work? I honestly have no idea, but I’d like to think so. Either way, I am committed to this story. It’s one that must be finished if I am to go on calling myself a writer. And if agents are to go on calling themselves agents and publishers, publishers, they must let their right instincts guide them as well. And I can’t be mad about that. Thanks agents šŸ™‚


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