Brainstorm! Interesting Author Interview Questions

Good thoughts from Jen Wylie…

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Some of you may have noticed I’m big on supporting my fellow authors (whether published traditionally or self pubbed), mainly by doing author interviews.

Making up personalized questions started to take hours (yes literally) out of each day, so I made up a list (SEE BELOW) and ask authors to pick. Unfortunately, the questions aren’t overly exciting.

So, I call out to all my most amazing friends, be you authors or readers! Help me out with some author interview questions. What do you want to know? Give me some interesting ones too, funny, crazy, whatever. Authors are people too and we all want to learn more about them!

Please post below! Post as many as you like, but PLEASE keep them ‘clean’!

Thank you and have fun!

(for those who also do interviews, feel free to nab questions! I’ll be leaving this post up!)

Just to help out…

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