How does Heaven relate to the Soul? @Enwrightened


This is the tenth excerpt from Soulbook. Preorder Soulbook from Enwrightened Publications.

How does Heaven relate to the Soul?

            Heaven is one of my favorite topics. Okay, it is my favorite topic! I love to talk about Heaven, read about Heaven, think about Heaven, teach about…well, you get the idea. Pretty much if I could go to Heaven right now, I would. It’s home. It’s beautiful. It’s awesome! But, how does it relate to my Soul? What is Heaven? Is it a place, a state of being, or something we can’t quite comprehend? Overall, Heaven is usually defined as “not here” meaning not a physical realm in this universe that we can see. In this book, we won’t necessarily pinpoint where, geographically, Heaven is, but there are many clues in God’s Word that indicate what it is and how it is.

            For one thing, it’s Paradise. When we think of Paradise on Earth, usually images of a gorgeous beach in Hawaii comes to mind. Peaceful sounds, smells, sights, and other sensory perceptions lull us into believing that if we could just sustain that feeling and those experiences indefinitely, we would be happy. But, is that true? Would simply being relaxed with no pressing concerns be the key to true happiness and would that please our Souls eternally? Maybe it would, but that type of lifestyle really doesn’t do Eternity justice. In Scripture, Heaven is portrayed as more than an experience, more than a place, and more than a simple existence. It is God’s abode. Any place where God lives must be so inconceivable to us as to be absurd. Our discussion of Heaven and its properties will be explored in depth in Chapter 9. In the meantime, just think about what your current home is like and how your home reflects your personality and your properties as a human being and most of all as a Christian. Then, take that same logic and apply it to God and His properties as the awesome God He is. Then, you can begin to see how Heaven might be and how our Souls relate to that eternal realm.


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