The Imbondeiro Tree– Book Review


The Imbondeiro Tree– Book Review

Published by Black Rose Writing 2013

By Anna Augusto

Anna Augusto’s The Imbondeiro Tree is subheaded as a memoir, but reads more like a biography. The book examines the life of Anna’s father, Antonio Augusto as he develops his values and livelihood across the world, finally landing in America. The story begins with Antonio and his grandfather. As the young Antonio watches his grandfather carve a boat, he is told a story about The Imbondeiro Tree. The story is a fable that leaves Antonio with a sense of purpose that follows him throughout his life. As Antonio grows, he experiences humble beginnings in Sao Jorge, Azores, establishes himself as a man in Angola, and finally reaches America where we see the rest of his story unfold. The book ends with Antonio’s recollection of his years of struggle and development and a fond remembrance of it all.

Ms. Augusto has written a family biography that follows her father and his growing family through 81 years. While it is an interesting tale, the story is very personal and might leave the reader feeling a little on the outside rather than part of the story. However, the rich descriptions of family and culture give an interesting insight into the family’s journey. 


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