Soulbook: Will the Soul be punished for sin? @Enwrightened


This is the ninth excerpt from Soulbook. Preorder Soulbook from Enwrightened Publications.

Will the Soul be punished for sin?

            One primary difference between sin and other diseases is that sin can be completely cured. That’s right!  The most dangerous disease that has ever been or will ever be is one hundred percent curable. However, if you don’t get the cure, not only will it not miraculously go away, it will stay with you eternally. Sometimes, when people ask why God would throw someone into Hell for eternity, they fail to understand that God doesn’t really do the casting. The separation that eventually brings Hell belongs to the one in sin, not God.

            What is the purpose of punishment in Hell? Why is it necessary? Many people think that the idea of eternal punishment is just too harsh. It’s an idea they don’t like, so they simply deny it and decide that God is just too good to allow this kind of thing to happen. But, is the fact that we don’t like the idea of Hell grounds for denial? Maybe there is a good reason why God allows this type of punishment to exist.

            There are other philosophies of Hell people have suggested over the centuries, some of which seem reasonable enough. Hell is sometimes viewed as just a momentary separation from God or a sort of remedial trial that will burn away all of a person’s sin and allow them to graduate to Heaven. But, does scripture support this hypothesis? Maybe Hell is just a place that is slightly unpleasant or maybe it’s just that while the really good folks get to go to Heaven, the bad folks have to stay on Earth which will seem like Hell in comparison. Then there’s the idea that Hell isn’t a place at all, but simply a state of non-being or annihilation. The end analysis will make clear what the true nature of Hell is in Chapter 8. 


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