Soulbook: How does sin relate to the Soul? @Enwrightened


This is the eighth excerpt from Soulbook. Preorder Soulbook from Enwrightened Publications.

There was a disease discovered millennia ago that actually eats your flesh away. It finds its way into the deepest parts of you and settles there, sending out hooked barbs. Once it has fully rooted, it begins to metastasize. At this point, the disease can find its way into literally every part of you, affecting your ability to think, move, and breathe. By now, you are probably getting a picture in your mind of a person with some form of cancer. And you would be correct, except that this is not a cancer of the body, but of the Soul. Sin manifests itself in the same manner as other maladies, except it is far more dangerous. Instead of causing harm or death to your physical self, it takes aim at you; the real you.

            Human beings occupy a privileged position in the Creation. We have the ability to choose and reason. We can create and enjoy things. But, as a result of this privileged place, we are also susceptible to the sickness of going against good; going against God. Instead of love, we can hate. Rather than comfort, we can bring anarchy to others or our own lives. God gave Adam and Eve the same choice; Himself or fruit that offered the understanding of both good and evil. Unfortunately, they chose the latter. Today, we have the same dilemma. We can choose God or we can choose sin.  

            But, what happens when we choose sin? How does the disease manifest itself? Most physical diseases, especially cancer, begin by taking the good and healthy things in your body and consuming them, thereby growing larger and hungrier. Eventually, they begin to choke out organs, then systems, and finally your life itself. Diseases separate you from the things that allow you to live and thrive, ultimately bringing your body to darkness. Sin is the same way. It starts small, and then it grows until it finally cuts you off from your Source of life.


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