The Restructuring of Heaven by Mike Johnson – Book Review @Enwrightened


The Restructuring of Heaven  by Mike Johnson – Book Review

Published by Enwrightened Publications 2014

The Restructuring of Heaven by Mike Johnson takes a plunging look into the greatest sacrifice of Jesus. Mr. Johnson begins with an explanation concerning the concept of his study, then goes on to present some commonly understood sacrifices Jesus made by coming to Earth to die for the sins of all humanity from the beginning to the end of time. However and intriguingly, he does not view any of these sacrifices as Jesus’ “greatest” sacrifice.

From this point, Mr. Johnson explains subjection, sacrifice, the sacrifice of Jesus (i.e. His greatest sacrifice), and what that sacrifice fully should mean to a Christian who has fully understood and accepted that sacrifice. His central text is drawn from 1 Corinthians 15:28 and draws a brilliant parallel between Jesus’ physical and spiritual sacrifice.

The book is very well organized and laid out with guiding texts and attractive formatting, not to mention the expertly crafted writing. This is a short volume at only 52 pages, but it is densely packed with spiritual life-altering information that will leave the reader satisfied, yet yearning to look even deeper into the Word. Mr. Johnson has written a book that I am pleased to add to my library and you would do well to add to yours.


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