Soulbook: What happens to the Soul after death? @Enwrightened


This is the seventh excerpt from Soulbook. Preorder Soulbook from Enwrightened Publications.

What happens to the Soul after death?

If the Soul cannot die, but goes on forever after one’s body is vacated, then where does it go? The destiny of humanity has long been a question explored by philosophers, theologians, and even scientists. It’s probably the most important question that can be asked whether in the context of religion or in the secular arena. Of course, human destiny from the secular perspective is almost universally approached from the direction of mere physical understanding, which leads generally to only naturalistic conclusions such as evolution of humans into higher lifeforms who will be smarter and will eventually create some sort of utopian society, impervious to the problems of selfishness and evil we see today. While this may sound like a great ideal to reach, it’s not a realistic one. But, what if there is already a reality that awaits the part of us that doesn’t die? What if life is not simply meant to be a time for us to build up future generations through wealth or medicine or genetics? What if there is something higher for humanity that is attached to something higher within ourselves? And what if that higher self ultimately receives its eternal nature from someone who ensures human destiny is entrenched in a spiritual reality? Then the question really becomes, “What will my spiritual reality be when I am no longer attached to my physical reality?” This question scares people more than any other question ever asked. In fact, the question scares some people so much that they would rather deny a spiritual reality altogether than to answer that question. Will all Souls be saved and preserved for eternity in a Heavenly reality or is there a possibility of something ominous and unpleasant after death? The reality of death and eternal life becomes much more important and concerning with the advent of these questions which will be examined further in Chapters 5 and 6.


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