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This is the sixth excerpt from Soulbook. Preorder Soulbook from Enwrightened Publications.

When do we receive the Soul? -Or- When does the Soul receive a body?

            The Soul is undetectable by any physical means as far as we know, so how do we know we have one?  When do we get one, or the better question might be when do we get our body? As a Soul, you are something greater than the matter you occupy. You are larger than measurement and yet completely invisible to every method of instrumental detection known to humanity. But, as a Soul, you know you exist. You are aware of yourself, your surroundings, and the fact that you transcend your physical self. This self-awareness is something that all human beings share, regardless of their belief or disbelief in a spiritual reality. This fact lends credence to the understanding that humans, above all other parts of creation, are specially endowed with a consciousness and understanding of self that cannot be overlooked. But, where does it begin and how does it manifest itself and join with its physical counterpart?

Some people believe that life does not truly begin until a child takes his or her first breath outside the womb and that this act of self-sustainment as a being disconnected from its mother’s womb somehow endows it with inalienable personhood. Some go farther and believe that until a certain intellectual achievement or developmental level is attained, humanity is not imparted to an individual. But, are these real arguments or just philosophical misapprehensions? We will look at this more in Chapter 5.


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