Collective Consciousness



Carl Jung proposed the concept of the collective unconscious to describe how many cultures have the same descriptions of certain psychologically similar ideas. His theory also included the idea of archetypes which group or stereotype people in order to more easily understand why they are who they are.

Today, the trend is more toward what I would call the collective conscious. Across the world, communication has become a key component in understanding culture, psychology, and the human race as a whole. There needn’t be a mystical description of some unconscious tie that spans all of humanity. Of course, in the past when direct communication was not nearly as prevalent as it is today, the connection was most likely based on a common culture that had kept its stories throughout the many migrations and upheavals throughout human history (e.g. flood accounts in all cultures).

Today, cultural consciousness is an obvious end as we see in social media, wikis, and many, many other collaborative tools we all use. The question is, are we using them to grow closer together or are we becoming even more divisive?


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