The Fatherless and Orphan


Have you ever stopped to think just how many children in the world have no family? Trust me, there are many. I have been extremely blessed all my life with a mother and father who love me and would never leave me. That kind of security cannot be bought. It’s something God-given and awesome. But, there are so many children who are orphaned or fatherless and I have always had in my heart a spark to help them in any way I can.

I’m a Deacon in the church and was presented an opportunity to choose what work I would perform a few years ago. I ran to the Elders to tell them I wanted to head the orphan and fatherless ministry. Since then, I’ve been privileged to conduct fund raising and other activities with Mt. Dora Children’s Home and Childhaven to help children get the care, education, and families they need. 

Now, I have an opportunity to help again in a personal way. I informed both Childhaven and Mt. Dora Children’s Home that 50% of the royalties from Soulbook will go to these works. This is fitting as Soulbook is really about the innate and infinite value of every human being. I hope that when Soulbook is released, you will give close consideration to buying a copy and helping children who need it the most. I’ll keep everyone posted on the publication progress. Thanks for reading…


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