Book Review: Blade of Iron by Robert Clark @brwpublisher


Blade of Iron by Robert Clark

Published by Black Rose Writing

Author Robert Clark expertly weaves together technology and magic in his modern-day Fantasy novel, Blade of Iron. In his book, Clark brings together several everyday characters in today’s United States with goblins, faeries, and other fantastic creatures to drive the story toward an amazing climax. Wars and battles are executed seamlessly from every front using ancient tactics and weapons such as swords, spears, and bows along with modern weaponry like tanks and fighter jets. The effect is a believable alternate universe that startles and delights!

Mr. Clark’s writing is very polished. As an obvious veteran of fantasy fiction, he draws his characters accurately and gives them life and singular speech. Along with the characters, the story flows well, never leaving the reader behind or wondering what’s going on in the moment. But, you’ll always wonder what’s next. The overall effect of the book is one of wonder and interest in a world sprung from the mind of a seasoned writer. 


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