Soulbook: Are the Spirit and the Soul the same thing? @Enwrightened


This is the fourth excerpt from Soulbook. Look for more each Saturday! Soulbook will be published by Enwrightened Publications in 2014! Stay tuned for more details.

A common misunderstanding of the Soul is that it is synonymous with the Spirit. While the Soul and Spirit do possess many similarities, it is important to distinguish between them in order to have a complete understanding of who you are in your complete self. As we examine the Spirit, it becomes quickly evident that there is a necessity for the Spirit within us for life and for our eternal nature to be present. Likewise, the Soul must be present for the same reasons. However, the purposes of both of these parts of us are widely divergent. How different are they? About as different as the Father is from the Holy Spirit. I know, that doesn’t really get us anywhere, but it will become clearer when we talk about these differences in Chapter 3.

            We can again glean some insight into what the Spirit is by understanding, at least from a surface perspective, the meanings of the Hebrew and Greek words for Spirit in the Old and New Testaments. The Old Testament Hebrew word for spirit is “ruach” which can mean wind, immaterial, life, and several other words that basically indicate a life-force or breath. The New Testament Greek word, pneuma holds basically the same meanings and is used multiple times in the New Covenant. Probably the best understanding of the difference between soul and spirit from a quick glance would be Spirit = Life whereas Soul = Self. Are they both you? Of course! Are they both the same? Not at all! Will we talk about why? In Chapter 3, we shall. Just know before we get there that there are other Spirits besides you and me. God is a Spirit, angels are spirits, and demons are spirits. And spirits NEVER die.


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