V is for Valentine



I used to hate this day. It was a time of stress and personal dread. In fact, for many years, I made it a personal mission to disrupt, deter, and dismantle anything to do with V day. Of course, I eventually found my dream girl and I’m still married to her 14 years later. But, I know this day still makes many cringe. Here are a few writerly ideas to get through it without completely giving in to misanthropic schadenfreude:

1. Write a love poem to yourself. I know, it’s cheesy. But, sometimes, you need to remember that you’re awesome and nobody can take that away from you. Plus, poetry is an exercise of the mind and heart. You may find something there you didn’t see before. Sometimes, you’re your own best inspiration.

2. Read a book you love. Sometimes, you just don’t like people very much. So what do you love? Books, man. You love books. So read some and enter a world where all this V day stuff doesn’t even exist. Or for that matter, write a book you love which leads us to…

3. Write. If you want to get away from all the V day crazies, go into your own world that you make up and enjoy what you really love. Movies are good for this, too. But, if you are the one in charge of the story, it’s almost always better.

Of course, you can always get out there and find the one you never thought existed; the one who makes you complete. Escapism isn’t always the answer.  But, at least you have the love from within that will never go away. Love you and love your art…peace…


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