The Lonely Times


The writing life can be very lonely. Yesterday, this fact hit me harder for some reason that it usually does. As I thought about the nature of being a writer, I slowly began to realize a few truths about choosing this art form.

First, as with any art form, the production you make as a writer is very subjective. When you write something, fiction or non-fiction, you are effectively taking a risk by putting a piece of yourself out there. In writing, parts of you live and shine through. When other people don’t like or disagree with what you say, it hurts. I don’t know if there is a way to avoid this feeling except to understand that there will be some who like it and others who don’t. You have to take the negative and process it and move on.

Also, the life of a writer is one of solitude by its very nature. For hours, you sit alone and look inside, pulling the words out one by one and placing them where they need to be. It’s a great feeling to create in that way, but when you emerge from the world, you find that you’re still there, alone and wondering if anyone else will ever understand your world.

Many writers are introverts who prefer solitude, but there are a few, like yours truly, who crave interaction and relationships with others. I’m glad to have a family who provides me interactions and love. But, it can be hard to find enough social outreach sometimes to placate me. I’m still trying to balance all of this, but I’m happy in my writing and I know there’s always a give and take with something you love. Enjoy your writing and love others. That’s all I have…


6 thoughts on “The Lonely Times

  1. I relish the alone time. Still, at times it’s nice to connect with someone who knows what it’s like to be swept into another world at the most inopportune moments and doesn’t sigh when I bring up my current project…again. Inspiration has a price, I guess.

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