Imagining Imagination



Where does imagination begin? Have you ever thought about how something like imagination starts and grows? I think about this frequently. As human beings, we are all gifted with the ability to reason, imagine, and create, all properties singular to human beings. But, where do these attributes and passions originate?

I believe that humans are far more than we see or understand. Underneath the flesh, or perhaps even outside it, there is an eternality that is who we really are. This “self” allows us to see and understand everything in a way that other creatures cannot. Consequently, human beings have an innate ability to not only create, but to understand how and why they create.

So, where does the imagination begin? There is every indication that imagination begins at conception. Even at the zygotic level, human beings are imbued with a soul. As a result, the ability to think, feel, and imagine arrive simultaneously. Does this mean that complex human ability is present as well? Perhaps not in the way we perceive it as adults, but more in a pure and extra-sensory way. Consider the spiritual output and outlook of a child or someone who is mentally disabled such that their outlook is as a child. In both cases, their spiritual IQ is much higher than the average adult. They have the ability to love and see past things that adults would use as a way to denigrate or prejudge someone.

Overall, the openness of the mind and the spirit of the heart ultimately seem to engender imagination in human beings. Imagine the imagination you can have if you can live and live and experience like this. 


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