Writing Battles


In writing, I sometimes find myself in a struggle with many things. The experience can be frightening, frustrating, and annoying, but it’s not insurmountable. Here are some battles you may face in your writing and ways to handle them:

1. You’re not good enough. This one is usually called the “inner critic” and is probably the most deplorable of writing foes. The fight against what’s inside you telling you that what you’re attempting is bad or not possible is one every writer faces. I have found the best way to combat the “inner critic” is to starve it. Look at your successes, no matter how small they may seem. Use these high points in your writing journey to motivate you and keep the “critic” down. You are a writer and you have what it takes!

2. Blocks. I’ve heard of writer’s block and other types of blocks that keep people frozen or rutted. This isn’t something I generally have an issue with, but what I have found is my creativity sometimes wanes and I need an extra boost. Recently, I took up running again and I have found in the mindless beating of my feet, my brain is left to explore untapped worlds and ideas. I’m not suggesting you take up running, but perhaps walking or hiking or something else that lets your mind wander might help. It’s worked wonders for me.

3. The grind. Any author who has been through the seemingly endless gauntlet of querying agents and publishers knows how difficult this can be for keeping your motivation in the face of rejection. My only advice on this is, “Just face it and never stop!” You’re going to be rejected. You will cry and shout and throw elaborate pity parties, but eventually, someone is going to love your work. In the meantime, don’t stop loving your work or yourself. You are a creative, important soul and your worth is infinite.

Take care, write well.


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