Soulbook: What is the Soul? @Enwrightened


This is the third excerpt from Soulbook. Look for more each Saturday! Soulbook will be published by Enwrightened Publications in 2014! Stay tuned for more details.

The Soul is often misunderstood as a thing, so we usually ask the question above. The Soul is not a thing, but a person. It’s you. How is that?  There will be more discussion on that later. But, for now just know that you are your Soul and your Soul is you. You are not a thing, but a being of infinite possibility and value. You are special and eternal and an image-bearer of God in His full nature. How is that? Hide and watch!

            You probably already realize this, but the short description above dictates that the Soul is outside of nature or supernatural. Have you ever read of a scientist discovering the Soul or a medical doctor who excised or transplanted a Soul? Why not? Of course, it’s because a Soul cannot be detected scientifically. Interestingly, the part of you that is you cannot be dissected or otherwise examined. It belongs exclusively to you. It IS exclusively you and responds only to other Souls. You are your Soul and your Soul is created by God. Your Soul has a unique stamp of creation upon it that cannot be duplicated or removed. It is solely you and singularly yours. This singular nature makes the Soul that much more mysterious to humanity since no one Soul is the same and therefore cannot be easily picked apart. The Soul is not a standardized unit of measurement. It cannot be put under a microscope or experimented upon. The Soul is hard to understand and extremely difficult to define. There are a couple of words in the Old and New Testaments that give us a view into how the Soul should be perceived. The Hebrew word “Nephesh” and the Greek word “Psuche” both are translated “to breathe”, indicating that the Soul is what gives life to the human. But, is that all there is to it? Is the Soul simply a consciousness or electrical impulse that allows us to be animated? Of course, it is us and is what makes us human. Basically, we are set apart from the rest of creation because we are Souls. While everything else in the universe is matter, animated or inanimate, we are Souls who exist on a higher plane of understanding and with a different perception of reality, ourselves, and God.


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