Book Review: The Scent of Eternity @AlanThomsonMcKe


Book Review: The Scent of Eternity

by Alan T. McKean

coming soon from Black Rose Writing

In his science fiction, time travel novel, The Scent of Eternity, Alan McKean transports us through time as Drew and his adopted daughter, Mi-Ling, make their way through harrowing adventures. The pair travels through time and space, mostly between 1860s Scotland and early first century Palestine in search of a cure for Mi-Ling from the one and only Healer who can make her well. All of this action follows the brutal death of Drew’s wife, Lucy at the hands of Nantucket sea captain Caleb Bryant. Amidst the non-stop perils and adventure, Drew and Mi-Ling encounter resistance from a rival time-travel organization (PATCH) whose mission is to undermine and shape history to their own evil purposes. The book culminates with changes in the lives and family of Drew and Mi-Ling that not only affect them, but history.

Mr. McKean’s third installment of his Scent series convincingly brings the reader into a world of time travel and conflict that only this type of fiction can provide.  He employs tension effectively throughout as the characters are exposed to various difficult situations and manage to grow through them. The only weakness I saw in …Eternity was the sometimes uneasy transitions in conversations and individual expression. However, he manages to evade cliché in most instances. Overall, The Scent of Eternity succeeds as a follow-on that stands alone and allows the reader ready access to the world of the time-traveling Vanguard.  



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