Generating Success


In whatever creative leap you take, a great deal of what creates success comes down to generating it yourself. Over the years, I’ve met and known people who tell me, “I just want to write” or “My art is my life” but they can’t seem to get anywhere with it. Usually, when I have the opportunity to look at what they create, I notice that they may have produced some well-made art, but there’s just not much of it. Here are some ideas that may help those who are trying to get somewhere with their art:

1. BIC means Butt In Chair. The more you produce, the more likely you are to produce something good and more of something good. In writing, BIC is a must if you ever expect to write a book or even a poem. If you don’t put in the work, it simply will not arrive.

2. Do a little every day. I find that when I write every day, not only do I feel better, I recognize that I have kept a promise to myself to create. Most people set goals in whatever it is they do. But, really it comes down to making an agreement with yourself and keeping that agreement. If you break the promise to yourself, you will hurt your own feelings.

3. Be realistic. Set goals you know you can attain. In writing, this may be 200 words per day if you’re a busy parent or 2000 if you’re a single freelancer. Either way, know your limits, set them, and go for it!

I hope this might help you no matter what you do. Just keep doing it!


2 thoughts on “Generating Success

  1. Very inspiring post… I have found that wordpress itself is tremendously incentives daily work because of the audience and because it requires frequent posting to stay on the radar. It gets you to do your best even at those times when you feel you might not be up to meeting your own high standards. In art, as it has been said many times before, producing quantity is one ingredient to producing quality. Thank you!!

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