What a Click Costs


With the abundance of information rocketing over the airwaves and through the wires, it’s easy to lose sight of what’s being said and done on this big old World-Wide Web. I see people every day on Twitter, Facebook, and blogs who write stuff and then get shared with other people ad nauseum. Unfortunately, many times the information that is being written or shared is incorrect or worse, outright lies.

The clear end to all of this is the fact that we as a culture many times want entertainment and things that make us feel nice more than we want truth. “But, in a postmodern society, is there any such thing as absolute truth?” you might ask. The fact is that there is. 

Unlike bygone decades in media and news when the facts were reported with little or no amplifying comments, today everyone has to put their own analysis into what was said or done, thereby creating their “own truth”. But, were there things said and done? Aren’t there still just facts? Why do people feel like they have to make the facts match something in the way they want people to see it?

The obvious problem here is that all over the world, opinions fly haphazardly around our heads and too many times find their way into our minds where they fester and grow and eventually find their way to our fingertips where we vomit them all over the internet as if they were inspiration from On High. 

So, what does a click cost you? The truth.


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