From High to Low


Have you ever had something awesome happen where you’re so pumped and so high from it that you think you’ll never come down again? After it happens, do you feel like crap a couple of days later?

Sometimes being a writer feels like this. You’ll write something excellent and soar, just to crash the next day and feel like you can’t get anywhere with your story. Maybe you’ll get a publishing contract and then realize that the high, as awesome as it was, just leaves you feeling a little empty later. Most of the time, you pick up again and realize that it’s not about the happy feeling but the contentment of the long haul. But, sometimes it takes some real effort to climb up again.

I’ve personally found that the best way to combat these highs and lows is to remember why I write. I don’t write for recognition, although that’s lovely. I don’t write for money, either. My reason for writing is, I can’t not write! This fact keeps me fixed on the real goal of creation: creation itself. It really is about the reality of imagination and the act of faith in writing. And that never lets me down.


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