Soulbook: Intro to the Soul @Enwrightened


This is the second excerpt from Soulbook. Look for more each Saturday! Soulbook will be published by Enwrightened Publications in 2014! Stay tuned for more details.

“Who am I?” It’s a question everyone has asked ever since the question could be asked. As human beings, the biggest mystery to us is not the vast oceans on our planet or the seemingly infinite expanse of the universe. We are our greatest question. Who or what are we and why are we the way we are? Some would take the “scientistic” philosophy that we are nothing but matter. Under this philosophy, we all came from a common ancestor hundreds of millions of years ago and eventually became the organized matter we experience today. This view says nothing about what makes us human or special or any more important than an animal or a bug or a rock. There are others who maintain that human beings have something inside them that makes them special, but that it doesn’t live on past our current existence or is perhaps simply recycled into the universe and reincarnated in some other form. Of course, these philosophies ultimately leave humanity in the dirt again as something arbitrary and meaningless. But, is that what we are? Am I merely reorganized chemicals, simply vibrating with energy that makes me somehow choose to move and breathe and have my being? Do we as people of God see things any differently?

            In this book, the person you are will come to life before your eyes in a way you have probably not realized previously. That is not to say that this book is in any way the authority on humanity, but simply organizes and presents some information from the Book that is. All of the authority on the human condition and understanding begins and ends with God’s complete message to us. But, let’s start the discussion by looking at some questions you might often hear when discussing your innermost self, or your Soul.


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