Write What You Love


We’ve all heard it: “Write what you know.” This is a true statement and I try to abide by it as often as possible. Writing what you know means you already have ready content in your mind that’s ready to come out onto the page in a smart and intelligible fashion. Ultimately, though, writing what you know means that you’re writing about something that means something to you; something significant.

When inspiration strikes, you have a decision to make. If you’re like me, you can see right away whether or not the idea is pithy. Sometimes, the concept has to stew and become flavored properly. But, in those rare moments, when a story gets into your heart, you know it’s magic. You can’t escape it because it’s most literally a part of you.

Writing what you love is the pinnacle of a story’s becoming. It’s creation in the purest sense. Write what you love.


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