My family loves art; just about any kind. My wife is an artist with a BFA from University of Georgia. She’s good at just about any visual media you can imagine from fiber art to digital design. Luke, my eldest son, is very much like his mother. He can do just about anything. Noah is bound to be a musician, like me. We both love to sing and play just about anything.

I’ve found that my writing, when it’s ebbing or slowing, can be helped through another art form. For example, the paintings above were done by me or my sons and me. The tall, slender painting was titled “The Bible Lands” by my boys. I had asked my Uncle Tommy, who is a house painter, if he had any old dropcloths he didn’t use anymore. He gave me a huge one that i cut down into two pieces. The tall, skinny piece is actually nine feet tall by two feet wide. The second painting, I titled “Cherry Trees”. I painted that one and it’s about seven feet by six feet. They were both fun and cathartic and, best of all, cost very little to do. Uncle Tommy gave me the canvas, my Dad gave me the wood pieces to build the frames for stretching, and the paint is from a bunch of leftover cans of house paint.

So, if you ever feel like you’re about to explode and need to let some creativity out, think about another artistic outlet. Love your art, my people!


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