Playing for Pay


During a conversation with my wife recently, she brought up the interesting fact that a great deal of our culture is based on paying people to play so that we can watch them. I’ve noticed since then that there are many instances in which this is true.

It all seems to start when we’re children. We might go to a friend’s house to watch him or her play a video game or draw something. I know when I was a kid, I loved to sit and watch my younger brother play Nintendo games. I could sit there all day and watch him play, because he was good at it.

Of course, as we grow, we love to watch movies because the actors are good at playing parts. Professional athletes are paid because they’re skilled at playing a specific sport. Writers are paid for the books they write because they can tell stories well. As a writer, I can tell you that this is not an easy thing to do. It takes years of consistent practice, research, reading, and listening to become a good storyteller. And you never stop learning. I can only hope that I can continue to progress in my chosen art form and interest more people in watching me play. Enjoy your fun!


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