Soulbook: Saturday Posts


Over the last two months, I’ve been teaching classes concerning the Soul. There are several topics included i the study that have frankly been fascinating to me and o my class. As a way of sharing these lessons through my blog, every Saturday until I run out of material, I intend to blog a peice of Soulbook from start to finish. Soulbook is a 35,000 word tome I fashioned based on the research and lessons I’ve been teaching. Here are some areas covered in the book:

What is it?

Are the Spirit and the Soul the same thing?

Where does the Soul originate?

When do we receive the Soul? -Or- When does the Soul receive a body?

Will all Souls be saved? What happens to the Soul after death?

How does sin relate to the Soul?

Will the Soul be punished for sin?

How does Heaven relate to the Soul?

The Soul and the whole person

The whole Christian and the incomplete person

Psychology and the Soul


 Also, if you’re interested in listening to podcasts of the lessons, you can hear them at this site.



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