Twitter: My New Friend

ImageAs many others have, I set up a Twitter account years ago. I think I created my account back in 2009, about the time I set up Facebook.

Up until recently, I barely, if ever, used Twitter. It just seemed so short and quick and ephemeral. I couldn’t see how it could help me meet people and network. I think I was just too far on the back end of my thirties to understand it. But, over the last couple of months, I have really learned to appreciate this interesting social media site.

One of the best things about Twitter is how dynamic it is. For instance, I began tweeting daily about two months ago. In the process of tweeting and following others, I began to add about twenty followers per day. These are people who write, agent, and publish; people I really have a lot in common with and would love to know. The great part is that it was all happening so rapidly! I was able to step into and out of conversations quickly and get a good idea of who I wanted to see and who I wanted to see me.

Also, for an author who is publishing with a smaller independent publisher, Twitter is really the best place to get the word out about my latest novel, The Tower Quail (shameless plug follows: release date 24 April 2014 from Black Rose Writing). With promotional sites like Books and Authors who will promote your book to over 100,000 followers, you have a built-in opportunity to market to a wide audience.

Most of all, though, Twitter is about the people all forming communities and sharing information and stories. I have really grown to enjoy the place and hope you will, too.   


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