Get Some Distance


What is your goal as a writer? Is it to make lots of money? Do you just want to get published? Are you merely interested in having fun and enjoyment in what you create? Everyone has a reason for what they write, including me. But, sometimes you can get so wrapped up in the peripheral issues of writing that you lose perspective.

I love to write. I probably write 10,000 words per day on avaerage. But, sometimes I have a rut of days where I feel under a burden of words. It’s on those days that I have to fold back the corner of life and pause for a bit to see where I am and why I’m there. If writing becomes the stress in life instead of the joy, then I’ve missed the whole point.

If you ever get into a place with your writing where it becomes a stress instead of a beautiful thing, take a break. Do something else. Sleep, listen to music, eat; anything to allow yourself to see writing from another place in life. Trust me. If you take the break, writing will call you home and you’ll be back in your world once more.


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