Meine Lieben Liebster



Kateywrites nominated me for a Liebster Award! I appreciate the thought and how nice it is to share with other bloggers. I must admit that I’m kind of a loner in the blogosphere, so I really appreciate Katey helping me come out of my shell a little. Here are the questions she gave me and my answers:

What one thing do you wish you had never written? A note to a girl when I was a teenager that was way too much for my age. So embarrassing!

What did you not write, but now wish you had? A better response to the last question. But, that’s all I have :/

What are your favorite pajamas like? a nihilist

Is there a word you hate to use in conversation? meal, I just don’t like the way the word sounds, but I love food…

Did you have an imaginary friend?  Describe, please. No…I wish I could say yes, but, no…

Fame or fortune? Fortune. While I’m an extrovert, I’m not fond of the idea that people would see and know everything I’m doing…

Peanut butter or jelly? depends…no! not the adult diapers!

Whose praise means the most to you? my wife

Whose means the least? sycophants

What’s the nicest thing you ever did? told a high school bully I was sorry about his parents’ divorce. I meant it, too…

I hope these answers are candid enough. This was fun and an odd catharsis…


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