Writing Between Worlds


What does it mean? I’m sure there are plenty of people out there who have an idea of what I mean by my tag line, but I am compelled to give some explanation.

I’m a person who believes in an afterlife. I don’t merely hope there’s one, I know there is and live that way as a result. Death does not frighten me and this world we live in now doesn’t hold all for me. As many others feel, the issues we face here and now are petty; politics, sports, entertainment and the like. So much of it really doesn’t matter. Unfortunately, many people center their existence on these meaningless pursuits to the detriment of their souls.

There’s another world that has infinite worth and goodness. This place is perfect and means more than we could ever grasp here. It’s a place caught only in short glances through ancient accounts and the faith of those who know it exists. But, so much of it is unknown as to be so mysterious it can’t be grasped.

So, my decision in writing is to look between these two realms, to a place that exists in the souls of people, where they will reside intermediately during their passage from this world to the next. In this place, anything is possible and deep questions may be asked and answered. Time doesn’t exist and neither does space. Only the imagination of the spirit and soul reside in this place. It’s a sphere of infinite possibility and wonder. I hope you can meet me there, someday…


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