Creating Through the Pain


I admire my wife, so much. For about seven years now, she has suffered from chronic pain with debilitating headaches and muscle pain which we recently found out is being caused by her occipital nerves in the back of her head. She’s also an artist and despite all the pain, surgeries, medicines, and other things that get in the way when you hurt all the time, she still makes great art and persists.

This has taught me something; you can create no matter what your circumstances. Any time I have been discouraged, I told myself, “If Rachel can create through her pain, I have no excuse.” Aside from this lesson, I have seen her not just create, but continue to learn and strive to do and be better. While most people would have laid down the brush years ago, she has continued to teach me and our children lessons; beautiful, meaningful lessons.

Look for people like this in your own life. And when you get discouraged or thing you’re against insurmountable odds in your writing, art, or whatever creative endeavour you love, use their example to keep yourself driving. Create.


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