The Growing World



While agents are pondering whether to crush my dreams of publishing my Durant Trilogy or give me a shot, I decided to get started on the second book in the trilogy titled Seeking Durant. When I first began to think about writing the second book, I must admit that I approached the concept with more than a little trepidation. You see, I’ve never written anything but stand-alone novels before now and I really had no idea just what it would be like to jump from a 103,000 word first book into a second book of equal or greater length. Here are a couple of surprising and wonderful things I have discovered through this process. I hope they might encourage others who might seek to write a series.

1. I already had a world and characters ready to be written. In all the hard work of writing the characters in Following Durant, I was under the impression that writing the second book would be far more difficult since I would have to take them further. This has not been the case. In fact, everything about Sam and Durant and Vinalia has flown from my mind as if it had already been written. I can only attribute this to knowing the characters. It seems that the more I know them, the easier they are to understand and write. Whoda thunk?!

2. I look forward to entering this world every day. The place I was able to create has become somewhere I want to be. In the first book, I loved being there, but I had to go through the intricate stages of creating and explaining the world they existed in then as well as the world they eventually entered. Now that so much of that foundation has been laid, I can easily build on it and just enjoy the freedom of being there. Fun doesn’t begin to explain how it makes me feel!

I hope that this small amount of encouragement will help other authors seeking to write farther and wider than before. Love and lift your worlds, people! 


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