Life of a Non-Salesman

ImageSome people (including yours truly) are not cut out to be salesmen. They want people to like what they have to offer and they might even have something worth buying, but they just don’t know how to get their product into the hands of other people. Some of this might be due to how disingenuous one might feel trying to hock their wares and some of it may be a true aversion to the business of selling. Writers seem to have the biggest problem with this overall. Most writers are taciturn individuals who don’t like the idea of meeting new people and trying to tell them how awesome their books are. As a fellow sufferer, allow me to help a bit with three simple, non-invasive strategies for promoting your book to others”

1. Do what you do best: write! Take any and every opportunity you can to write something to tell people about yourself and what you love to create. Some people will not like it, but many will. Through your talent and understanding of the subject matter you create, others will see its value and want to know more. I mean, most of us have blogs and social media accounts, so use them to tell the world about you and your books!

2. Do something you may not like; like making videos, joining writing groups, or setting up speaking engagements. I know this won’t be the same for everyone, but one of, if not the biggest fears of most people, is public speaking. As the son of a preacher and someone who was always thrust into public speaking situations, I can tell you that public speaking is a real blast once you get used to it. It also gets you the widest recognition of anything you will do, if you record it and place it properly. I know, I know, it’s scary and makes you feel like throwing up, but you must trust me when I say that getting yourself in front of other people in some manner is only going to help you and make you a braver and more well-rounded writer. Buck up little pilgrim…

3. Think outside the book: You like to write. You make books and then hope that people will read them. That’s fine and great, but what if other people don’t know they exist? How do you get the word out. We already discussed using your ability to write along with blogging and social media, but what about using things like free stuff or book trailers? First of all, I know that giving stuff away may seem counter-intuitive, but trust me, people love free stuff and they love people who give them free stuff, too. Anything you can give, from a bookmark with your Website and other published book titles on it to door prizes at a book signing, will endear people to you and help them to remember you and your books. 

Do not be afraid. Yes, there will be some people who will look at you like you have a third eyeball when you try to talk to them about your books, but there are many more who will be interested and want to know more. Move past the hang-ups and on to success writers!


3 thoughts on “Life of a Non-Salesman

  1. Yes, it’s difficult to be wired as a writer and shift to PR person. The artist and the promoter aren’t generally an all-in-one package. I guess that’s why writers sign an agreement to do signings, etc. with the company publishing and promoting their book(s). It’s motivation to do something that to the writer is like jabbing a sharp object under a nail. Fun, fun. 🙂 Seriously, being self-motivated to get the word out about my work is important, and I like your great suggestions!

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