Enormous Little Minds


I have two boys: Luke, 9 and Noah, 7. They are playing a game on the XBox as I type this blog. The game, which you may have heard of, is called Minecraft. For anyone unfamiliar with it, the game is a very low-resolution creation/adventure play that allows the player to create entire worlds, complete with characters, animals, stories, and friends. 

I love to watch my sons explore the game. They build houses and dig deep mines. The game even allows them to do things like build structures in mid-air and create whole new tracts of land on which to create more things. They can even build hills and trees. 

Writing is this way, too. We may not realize it, but when we enter our own worlds, we create mountains and entire universes, complete with families and armies and sometimes even deities. It’s an amazing gift! Don’t let the blessing of imagination and creation walk past unmet. Invite it in and enjoy the worlds between worlds.


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