The Tower Quail and Ancient Poetry


As a reader, I have a great appreciation for ancient writing, especially that of great poets like Virgil, Homer, and Dante. In fact, my novel set for release in April of 2014 incorporates some of the story used in Homer’s work, The Iliad. In The Tower Quail, the protagonist Tabitha Fowler, is subjected to a time-travel episode called a time bounce that throws her back to her birth and then bounces her forward into the future, etching into her memory events that have not yet occurred. As a result, when Tabitha returns she can see events that will happen. But, when she tris to warn people about the events, no one believes her.

This storyline coincides with the character Cassandra in  The Iliad. Cassandra is the daughter of King Priam and Queen Hecuba of Troy and has the curse of prophecy. Usually, prophecy would be considered a gift, but in Cassandra’s case, no one believes her prophecies. In fact, she warns everyone of the fall of Troy, but their disbelief drives her mad.

In your writing, remember the intrigue and strngth of the old tales and use them to drive your stories. After all, they’re considered great for a reason. 


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