Discontent with Content


The literary and information worlds are changing on an hourly basis. With the appearance of social media, wikis, and other collaborative and communicative tools on the Web, we have all become more focused on information sharing and synthesis than content. With all of this discontentment with the simple, content-based Website paradigm comes a new way of driving the information environment. Now, instead of a Website that basically displays information, the site is open to change and suggestion to everyone. People can be a part of the game. Whereas information used to be close-hold, now it’s important to get all views from as many people as possible before moving forward, depending on the context and audience of course.

In my day job as an IT dude, my team recently created this Website. It’s a new type of collaborative site where experts in the field of Air Force Doctrine can share and update information, real-time. Not only has the site streamlined document production, it has opened up content to people in a new way by chunking it into smaller portions and presenting it in discrete, standardized topic modules.

Writing is moving this direction as well. While the creative nature of writing will probably never be a group-think component, the sharing and movement of literature is doubtless making its way into the realm of the collaborative sphere. How will writing change in the near and distant future as a result? Hide and watch… 


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