Why do we love to read fantasy? What is it about other-worldly stories that appeals to a group of beings who are so fettered to this real, physical existence? It might seem like the knowledge of the corporeal would overcome the imagination, but books like The Lord of the Rings and The Chronicles of Narnia and their subsequent film productions prove that the outer thoughts of the human race are strong.

Many people view fantasy as an escape from reality. After all, fantasies can be anything we dream. But, there is something more to the creative and thought processees we see in the writings of the best fantasy authors. While the new worlds that are created and the adventures the characters experience are outside the bounds of what we consider reality, their struggles, thoughts, and actions are all centered about the things we as “normal” people endure every day. In this way, fantasy is really about reality. The best stories, no matter what genre, teach us that adventure and imagination are here, living in this world. We might not reach across the boundary often enough and perceive that other world that exists just beyond our intellect and finite understanding, but it does exist. The more we as humans try to live between these worlds, the more we will understand just how vast both of them truly are! 


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