The Tower Quail (release date 24 April 2014 by Black Rose Writing)


What would you do if you could see the future?  Would you use this power for good?  Could you handle the responsibility or would the strain break you? Tabitha Fowler, a teenager growing up in rural Alabama, has to face up to these questions after she is transported through time and space in a “time bounce”.  Tabitha discovers that her brother, Jeff, is leaving home to join the military and runs away from home and finds herself at the foot of an abandoned tower.  The huge, metal structure, called the Tower Quail by locals, contains a power which Tabitha’s special physical characteristics unlock.

Tabitha swoons at the base of the tower and awakes at the top with no knowledge of how she got there.  When she awakes, the tower is roused from its sleep and creates a field of energy which shrouds Tabitha and sends her hurtling toward the ground, bounces her through time and space, and reveals elements of her past and future that haunt her thereafter.  Tabitha awakes the next day and makes her way home. Her parents, shocked and relieved at her return, tell her that she has been gone for over a month.  She soon discovers her new, prophetic abilities and is plagued by them to the point of madness. Tabitha struggles with good and evil and her own life as she works out why she was given such a gift and curse. In the end, will she discover the purpose of her torment?


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