I would love to blame the varying opinions of publishers and agents of post-modernism, but, the truth is publishing has always been and always will be a subjective industry. In fact, you will notice that just about any time you receive a rejection from a publisher or agent, it will say something like this: “Mr./Ms. Writer, Thank you so much for your submission. We are (not interested for whatever reason). Please remember that the publishing business is very subjective. I encourage you to keep trying to find the right home for your work. Sincerely, Publisher/Agent

This is true. I read all over the place and find that some books are not enjoyable to me. Their prose is too pregnant or their writing is stilted or the story isn’t interesting to me. If you were to take a poll of the most subjective businesses in the world, publishing would likely be very near the top.

So, do not be discouraged my writing friends. Accept the truth that some people are not going to like what you write. But, be excited that some will.


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